Boris Johnson’s ethics chief Lord Geidt RESIGNS after slamming PM as he releases statement


BORIS Johnson was dealt a fresh partygate blow today after his own sleazebuster resigned.

Fed-up Lord Christopher Geidt quit after slamming the PM over his police fine for breaking lockdown.

Ethics chief Lord Christopher Geidt has resigned
He previously slammed Boris Johnson over partygate – and hinted the PM should quit

The ethics enforcer has spent weeks teetering on the brink of resignation.

In a blistering report late last month, he said Boris may have “breached the ministerial code” with his Covid fine.

He ordered the PM to explain fully to Brits why his illegal behaviour was not a resigning matter.

In a brief statement posted on a government website last night, Lord Geidt said: “With regret, I feel that it is right that I am resigning from my post as Independent Adviser on Ministers’ Interests.”

Lord Geidt walked just a day after enduring a car crash grilling by a select committee of MPs in Parliament.

During the two hour ordeal, he admitted he considered quitting.

He said he was “clearly frustrated” by the PM’s mealy-mouthed response to accusations he broke the ministerial code.

Lord Geidt said: “What the commentariat I think spotted was perhaps a frustration on my part.

“I’m glad that the Prime Minister was able to respond to my report. And in doing so addressed in aspects the things about which I was clearly frustrated.”

Asked again if he nearly quit, he added: “Resignation is one of the rather blunt but few tools available to the adviser.

“I am glad that my frustrations were addressed in the way that they were.”

He is the second adviser on ministerial standards which Boris has had quit on him.

Sir Alex Allan resigned in November 2020 after the PM overruled his advice and cleared Priti Patel of bullying allegations.

Labour MP Chris Bryant said the PM should now quit.

He said: “Christopher Geidt is one of the most honourable men I have ever met. In the end he was a decent man working for an indecent Prime Minister.

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“He thought he could discreetly bring about incremental change but he was repeatedly lied to by No 10. In honour Johnson should resign.

“So far Johnson has ruined Allegra Stratton’s career, tarnished Christopher Geidt’s reputation and let dozens of staff take the blame for his lawbreaking. Tories must surely wake up one day?”

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