Boris Johnsons Remainer sister jokes Christmas at Chequers is cancelled


BORIS Johnsons Remainer sister has joked that Christmas at Chequers was “cancelled” during an appearance on Have I Got News For You.

Rachel Johnson has clashed with brother over Brexit and joked with panelists that being the Prime Minister’s sister meant a world of pain.

Rachel Johnson joked about her brother on Have I Got News For You
She had claimed Boris was influenced by currency speculators

In September she called Mr Johnson “reprehensible” aftera tirade against Remainers in the House of Commonsin which he accused them of passing a “surrender act”.

She took issue with the way she was introduced on the BBC show: I like the way you introduce me as Boris Johnson’s sister as if that is actually my day job.

Ms Johnson quit the Tories to join the Lib Dems over Brexit and went on to say her brothers views on the issue were the result of influence of currency speculators who stood to make money from No Deal.

She joked “I think that meant Chequers Christmas was cancelled after she made the comments.

Host Victoria Coren Mitchell later asked Ms Johnson: Does Boris ever phone you up and say ‘oh don’t say that it’s really embarrassing’.”

She replied “yup” and Ross Noble joked she could simply retort to her brother that everything you do is embarrassing, goodbye.

No, I’m under orders to not do any chat shows, not to say anything about the Prime Minister, this is my safe space, she said to loud laughter from the audience.

In regular feature of the show, part of the show panelists were given a headline to complete that started ‘Queen set to earn 100 million from (blank space).’

Ms Johnson said: I know, suing the Prime Minister for illegal prorogation.

Meanwhile, her brother is trying to win the backing of MPs for his Brexit deal.

The PM is begging MPs on a make-or-break day for Brexit, where they are sitting on a Saturday for the first time since the Falklands war in 1982.

However, the whole thing could be completely derailed with a freshRemainer plot to kick Boris’ vote into the long grass for another day, which looks likely to pass.

Rachel and Boris Johnson have clashed over Brexit