Boris reveals emergency laws to stop automatic early release of terrorists after Streatham attack


BORIS Johnson will today bring forward emergency laws to stop current terrorists like the Streatham attacker being let out of jail early – after the second attack in just three months.

The PM revealed today he will be “bringing forward legislation to stop the system of automatic early release” after Sudesh Amman was shot dead after stabbing at least two people yesterday.

Boris Johnson vowed to take action now to stop automatic early release
Sudesh Amman was only released from prison last week

Speaking this morning in London, the PM said: “We do think its time to take action to ensure people irrespective of the law were bringing in that people in the current stream do not qualify for early release.”

The Government is already ripping up the current laws around early automatic release, and has plans to make sure terrorists serve at least two thirds of their sentences.

But they are currently powerless to do anything to stop terrorists currently behind bars from being allowed out to commit more terror rampages.

Boris vowed to crack down on early release after the London Bridge attacker killed two at the end of November last year – just after being let out of jail.

The Streatham attacker strapped a fake bomb to his chest before stabbing two yesterday.

It emerged earlier he was on MI5’s top five most dangerous jihadi’s list.

Sudesh Amman, 20, was being monitored by counter-terror cops before the “knife obsessed” jihadi went on a rampage.

The crazed knifeman attacked an innocent man and woman before he was shot dead by armed police just one mile away from the bail hostel where he was staying.

Amman, from Harrow, North London, was sentenced to more than three years in jail for committing terror offences but let out on automatic release after serving half his sentence just a week ago – despite concerns he still held extremist views.

In dramatic footage captured in the moments after the attack, undercover officers in plain clothes appear out of nowhere and swoop in on Amman as he lies gunned down on the pavement.

Seconds later, in scenes straight out of an action movie, another cop in plain clothes leaps off a motorbike as the expert team surround the jihadi, in footage captured by a passenger on a bus.

Police in Streatham today
Police officers on the scene outside an Iceland supermarket yesterday