Brexit blocker Sir Oliver Letwin faces backlash from his Leave-backing constituency


BREXIT blocker Sir Oliver Letwin has faced a furious backlash from his Leave-backing constituency.

Voters in his West Dorset seat say they will never forgive the former cabinet minister, who torpedoed Boris Johnsons deal on Saturday.

Sir Oliver Letwin on the Andrew Marr Show after he torpedoed Boris Johnson’s Brexit deal on Saturday

He is stepping down at the next election, but Chris Loder, the new Tory candidate, said people were angrier than I have ever known them.

He said: I have been to all corners of this constituency since I was selected. Theres a desire to get it [Brexit] done and move on.

Retired businessman and Brexit campaigner David Nevett, told The Mail on Sunday that Letwins move was an outrage.

He said: I am disappointed that he is stepping down as an MP because I would love to see him beaten at the next Election. And beaten he would undoubtedly be.


Sir Oliver Letwin left MPs spitting with rage as he cynically blocked the PMs attempt to win Parliaments approval for his hard-won EU departure deal.

Sir Oliver fronted a Remainer plot tohijack the deal, just as Mr Johnson was convinced he had enough support to get it through.

He launched a procedural ploy that rendered any vote on the deal meaningless andforced the Government to delay Brexit again.

One senior Tory said: Letwin has gone and f***ed it again.

Another added: Hes either set out deliberately to wreck Brexit or, if as he insists, this is a genuine attempt to help it along, then hes a prize c**k.

Eton and Cambridge-educated Sir Oliver, 63, was once seen as a rising Tory party star buthad the whip removed last month and now sits as an Independent.

He had earlier fallen from grace after a string of mishaps that would put Mr Bean to shame.

He championed the poll tax which led toMargaret Thatchers downfall and devised theFixed Term Parliament Act, which created the zombie Parliament partly to blame for the Brexit deadlock.