Brexit Party candidate in key Workington seat is dumped by Farage as he backs Boris Brexit deal


A BREXIT Party candidate in the battleground seat of Workington has been dumped by Nigel Farage as he backs Boris Johnson on Twitter.

Philip Walling said he was livid and disappointed at the hurtful decision to take him out of the election.

Philip Walling said he was livid and disappointed at the hurtful decision to take him out of the election



He told the News and Star: As Workington is a very important seat, I said I would need some help because I couldnt do it all on my own.

I was just told we dont do that sort of thing and that Im the CEO of my own campaign, and then I was moved.

The move came days before Mr Walling threw his support behind the PMs Brexit deal.

On November 4 he re-tweeted and said he agreed with a post by right-wing commentator Katie Hopkins, that said: Farage is working against an ACHIEVABLE Brexit.

Disappointing as this all is for true Brexiteers, NOW is the time for boys to put away their appendages and COMPROMISE.

Back Boris. A vote for Brexit Party is a vote for Corbyn.

Mr Walling has now said he is doubting whether the Brexit Party will get Britain out of Europe.

A spokesman for the Brexit Party said Mr Wallings comments were sour grapes.

He told Sun Online: “Phillip was told he was being stood down on Monday, having declined the offer of a different seat.

New candidate David was in place by the next day.

His tweet is sour grapes from a man who wasnt putting in the amount of campaign work required to win.”

It comes after Mr Farage visited Workington today to woo over Labour-Leave voters.

He said the Tory idea of “Workington man” as the target to win over to get a majority is a load of patronising old cobblers.

He adds: I don’t want you to be conned by people in this general election.

Mr Farage was dealt a major blow yesterday as it was revealed that 20 Brexit Party election candidates have quit and a major donor switched sides to Mr Johnson.

It comes after he bullishly confirmed he intended to run candidates in more than 600 constituencies, but hasn’t yet released the full list.

Two candidates withdrew over fears the Brexit Party could prevent Mr Johnson getting a majority, while a third dropped out for personal reasons.

Farage is in Workington today trying to woo Labour voters
Mr Walling backed Boris Johnson on Twitter