Brexit Party MEP risks euro chiefs fury by pinching European Parliaments Union Jack


A BREXIT Party MEP has risked euro chiefs fury by pinching the European Parliaments Union Jack as his final act in Strasbourg.

Martin Daubney liberated the national flag as Britains representatives left the parliament for the final time on Thursday, ahead of Brexit in two weeks time.

Pro-Brexit MEP Martin Daubney ‘liberates’ the Union Jack from Strasbourg ahead of Brexit
The Brexit Party MEP risked a row with euro chiefs after taking the Union Jack from the European Parliament

It had hung alongside the 27 other members states colours in the buildings entrance.

Revealing the act to HOAR, Mr Daubney, 49, said he was retaliating over a ban imposed by euro chiefs on miniature flags on members desks in the chamber.

The West Midlands MEP said: So much anger welled up inside me over the flag ban that we decided to liberate our flag. We called it Operation Liberate Jack.”

Nobody tried to stop me. I expect Ill get a slap on the wrist somehow, but it will be a price worth paying.

Mr Daubney, a former editor of mens magazine Loaded, added: Im happy to make a donation to a charity of their choice for its cost, but Im not going to return it.”

Jack belongs in Britain, Jack will not be going back to Strasbourg.

The MEP has taken the flag back to his London home and laid it on his bed.

He plans to unfurl it on the stage of a rally in Parliament Square organised by Brexit Party chief Nigel Farage, on the night of January 31 to mark the moment of Brexit, at 11pm.

While anti-EU MEPs celebrated the end of the final Strasbourg plenary session for Brits, pro-EU parliamentarians mourned the moment.

Labour MEP Seb Dance dubbed Britains EU exit only a sabbatical, adding: One day British MEPs will get to sit here again and represent our interests and work with our neighbours to solve common problems.

The European Parliaments Brexit Coordinator Guy Verhofstadt, 66, yesterday declared Britain would rejoin the EU one day, but added: Maybe I will not see it in my life.

Martin Daubney has laid it on his bed and says the national flag ‘will not be going back to Strasbourg’