Brexit trade deal has 66 per cent chance of success, reveals Michael Gove


A BREXIT trade deal has a 66 per cent chance of success, Michael Gove said last night.

The Cabinet bigwig even said people can blame him if there is chaos at borders after the end of the year.

Michael Gove said there’s only a one in three chance of Brexit trade talks with the EU collapsing

UK chief negotiator David Frost revealed the two sides have now identified most of the “landing zones” for an “eminently achievable” deal.

He raised hopes that the PM’s deadline of having an outline agreement ready by the end of next week will be met.

He told MPs and peers that talks have made “quite good progress” and are moving well in areas such as state aid, dispute settlement and security. But there is still a big gap on fishing.

Mr Gove said negotiations had been more constructive since No 10 threatened to overwrite parts of the Irish border deal.

He added: “Negotiations are proceeding in a way which gives us cause for steady optimism.”


The PM and Charles Michel, president of the European Council, agreed to intensify efforts to resolve the fishing dispute during a call last night.

Mr Johnson insisted he wants a deal but will walk away if it does not “reflect what the British people voted for”.

Mr Michel said: “The EU prefers a deal but not at any cost. Time for the UK to put its cards on the table.”

Charles Michel, president of the European Council, said it’s ‘time for the UK to put its cards on the table’

Irish foreign minister Simon Coveney warned the UK not to underestimate the strength of feeling among coastal states.

France wants EU negotiator Michel Barnier to demand status quo fishing access to UK waters.

Mr Barnier urged nations to give him more room for manoeuvre. He expects trade talks to stretch beyond a leaders’ summit later next week.

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