Brit invents world-leading ‘green’ BBQ and is flogging it to Aussies thanks to Brexit

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A BRIT has invented a world-leading “green” barbie — and is already flogging it to the Aussies thanks to Brexit.

Justin Cadbury’s energy-saving grill uses 59 per cent less gas than others on the market.

Justin Cadbury’s energy-saving grill uses 59 per cent less gas than others on the market

He founded Synergy Grill after his local pub in Oxfordshire complained soaring gas prices meant the kitchen could only fire up steaks at weekends.

His commercial barbie saves money by heating meat above a ceramic plate, which sizzles at 500 degrees.

Chefs across the world are now scrambling to get their hands on the low-cost kitchen creation.

After Brexit Britain’s trade deal with Australia, his firm will ship more than 100 Down Under.

Mr Cadbury, 70, said: “If you’ve got the right mindset to take advantage of Brexit and create solutions, you end up in a better place.”

The award-winning entrepreneur, who has signed export deals with the US too, is also keeping a close eye on the burning issue of the Tory leadership contest.

He has met contender Liz Truss and found her “an impressive person” with an interest in green tech.

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