Britain could go back into lockdown and ‘handbrake put on’ if R rate goes up like in Germany


Boris Johnson has warned the public they must continue stick to social distancing rules or they will risk another lockdown.

No10 has insisted the PM won’t hesitate to put the “hand brake on” again if the virus starts to run “out of control” once again.

Shoppers take a selfie – but the lockdown rules could be reinforced if the R rate goes up

Boris is poised to change the 2m rule to 1m but this could see infections go up again

It comes after Germany’s R rate tripled in the past few days to 2.88 – it had been under one.

Health minister James Brokenshire said earlier the rise was “concerning” at the UK was learning from elsewhere around the world when making decisions.

 “If we see the R-number going up, we may need to stop,” he said.

There are fears that as the PM prepares to say pubs, restaurants and hotels can reopen once again and the 2m rule can be cut, the spread of the infection will start up again.


If the hospitality sector is allowed to reopen, it will likely to be the first to shut again if the country goes into another nationwide lockdown.

So if there are widespread breaches of the rules resulting in the virus threatening to run out of control, the easements will be the first to be reversed, the PM will stress.

A No10 spokesperson said: “The reason we are able to move forward this week is because the vast majority of people have taken steps to contain the virus. 

“The more we open up, the more important it is that everyone follows the social distancing rules. 

“We will not hesitate to put the handbrake on to stop the virus running out of control.” 

However, the Health Secretary has stressed that local lockdowns may be more efficientat managing future outbreaks.

But controlling just a small area of activity, it could contain a new flurry of transmissions.

Brits enjoying the lockdown lifting could be forced back inside


In recent weeks there have been photographs of large numbers of people meeting in parks and city centres.

Raves and parties ave been broken up, and thousands went out to protest despite it being against the rules.

Every four weeks the Government legally has to look at the coronavirus laws and check they are still working – and they could tighten or loosen them.

The Health Secretary and the PM may discuss whether they need to reintroduce any of the measures, or relax others.

The next review date comes on Thursday, June 25.