Britain is now safe for people to return to offices as home working ‘has limits’ Transport Secretary says


BRITAIN is safe for people to return to the office as home working “has its limits”, the Transport Secretary said today.

Ahead of a major push next week to try and get more people back into the workplace, Grant Shapps insisted that it was safe for people to start returning.

Grant Shapps said it was now safe for people to start rteurning to offices

He told Sky News that “common sense” will prevail and people should speak to their bosses about coming back in.

Whitehall bosses are worried that millions of people are still staying home, turning cities and town centres into ghost towns, and putting more jobs at cafes and bars at risk.

The Transport Secretary said this morning: “What we’re saying to people is it is now safe to go back to work and your employer should have made arrangements which are appropriate to make sure that it is coronavirus-safe to work and you will see some changes if you haven’t been in for a bit as a result.”

Anyone who was worried about their work not following the rules should go to the Health and Safety Executive, he added.

He added: “We’re absolutely clear that employers and employees need to work together to resolve this.”

Though he admitted that many firms have enjoyed home working, and it has benefited some of their employees.

Howeber, there was a “limit, just in human terms, to remote working”.

He stressed: “There are things where you just need to spark off each other and get together in order to make progress.

“So I think common sense will prevail between employers and employees. It’s certainly what we’ve seen so far and I very much think that will carry on next week as people do start to return more often to the office.”

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