Britain signs new immigration deal with Nepal that could see former Gurkhas rescue the NHS

Soldiers of the the Queen’s Own Gurkha Logistic Regiment hold their traditional kukri knives ready for inspection as they prepare to take over public duties at Buckingham palace next month. The Gurkha's are being instructed on perfecting their drill by the Grenadiers. Press release: Some 120 Gurkha soldiers from 10 The Queen’s Own Gurkha Logistic Regiment, usually based at Gale Barracks in Aldershot, have been busy on the parade square learning the intricate drill movements and positioning. For 8-weeks through the height of London’s tourist season they will be performing the world-famous Changing of the Guard at Buckingham Palace in front of audiences of up to 10,000. Called Public Duties, this is the very pinnacle of the ceremonial face of today’s British Army. They will be on duty at not only Buckingham Palace, but also guarding the royal residencies of: St James’s Palace, Windsor Castle as well as the Crown Jewels in the Tower of London. Weeks of training are beginning to come to a close as, perhaps the masters of this military art form, the Drill Sergeants of the Grenadier Guards quite literally put the Gurkha soldiers through their paces to ensure they are fully up to the standard required to guard Her Majesty.

BRITAIN last night signed a new immigration deal with Nepal that could see thousands of former Gurkhas rescue the NHS.

The formal Memorandum of Understanding with the heroic Asian nation will allow its healthcare staff to move to the UK and work in hospitals.

Britain signed a new immigration deal with Nepal that could see thousands of former Gurkhas rescue the NHS

Amid a shortage of nurses and doctors here, an initial pilot project will begin immediately with Hampshire Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust and its partners.

But ministers are hoping to widen out the scheme across the nation.

Britain has recruited the hard-as-nails Nepalese warriors, who hail from the Himalayan foothills, into the Army for 200 years.

But the new healthcare accord is the first formal labour supply agreement signed between the countries.

The Nepalese healthcare workers will have the same rights as UK citizens working in the NHS.

Campaigners have warned that Britain faces a shortage of 38,000 nurses, even if it hits the Government’s targets of hiring an additional 50,000 by the next election in 2024.

The Health Foundation warned NHS trusts could face a shortfall of around 140,600 nurses by 2030.

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