Britain will take ‘big bets’ on nuclear to win nation off Russian gas, Boris vows


BRITAIN will take “big bets” on nuclear and hydrogen to wean the nation off Russian gas, Boris Johnson has said.

And it would be “completely crazy” to shut down our own energy sources as we try to become independent and stop buying our much-needed fuels from abroad, he insisted.

Britain should take a ‘big bet’ on nuclear, the PM said

It came as two former Cabinet ministers today joined forces to beg Rishi Sunak to slash VAT on energy saving products and home installation down to 5 per cent to keep Brits homes warmer and cut bills down.

Speaking to the Scottish Tory spring conference in Aberdeen, the PM said ministers would be “doubling down on the UK production of offshore wind energy” and solar too.

Ahead of next week’s energy strategy, Mr Johnson said: “You’ve got to make some big bets on UK nuclear power and by the way, I mean a lot more hydrogen.

“Are we not crazy to be talking about completely shutting down domestic production, only to buy oil and gas at a vast market from Vladimir Putin’s Russia?”

The PM is set to hold talks today with nuclear industry executives to explore options for new energy capacity.

He said policies to “turn off the taps” and “cap the wells” would be a “disaster” and would force up prices even further for cash-strapped Brits.

Top Tories Robert Jenrick and Steven Crabb joined another 10 influential MPs to say it could save £500 on spiralling costs.

In a letter to the Chancellor and Business Secretary, seen by HOAR, they said it could reduce the UK’s gas imports by 15 per cent, ending our reliance on Russian supplies.

Slashing the pricey home improvements could save households up to £142 for cavity insulation and up to £120 for loft insulation, and cut bills too.

Rishi is being told to look at insulation and slash VAT to get more people to save cash on bills

Mr Crabb said last night: “Insulating homes is one of the quickest ways to lower people’s energy bills and reduce our reliance on imported energy.

“With millions of draughty British homes and soaring energy bills, we should cut this tax on energy efficiency.

“This measure could be implemented quickly while avoiding the need for a new bureaucratic government scheme. It will help many households invest in insulation and cut their energy bills.”