Brits can meet up with 1 pal or family member in park if they keep 2m apart – but Dominic Raab sparks MORE confusion


Dominic Raab said this morning that two people from different households can meet up as long as they remained socially distant.

Dominic Raab suggested Brits could meet up with both parents at once

Yesterday it was confirmed that people could go out and meet up with one other person outside their household from Wednesday – such as a friend of family.

But if they are from another household they must stay 2m apart at all times.

However, the coronavirus laws ban groups of more than two people meeting up at once.

Anyone wanting to meet their mum in the morning and their dad in the afternoon, could do so.

But they can’t yet go into someone else’s garden and spend time there – the rules will only apply in public spaces, he said.

And it will only apply in England too – as Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland will follow slightly different rules.

But the First Secretary of State sparked confusion when he appeared to misspeak and say that one person could meet two of their parents at once.

Mr Raab was asked on Radio 4: “From Wednesday, you can meet one person from outside your household. Does that mean you can’t meet two relatives at the same time, for example, parents?”

“As from Wednesday, people can go outside to parks and certain sports where you can keep social distancing at 2m, together, with others members from their own home.

“If you are going to the park and you can stay 2m apart, you could meet up with other members of your household.”

And he was asked again: “So, you cannot meet two parents at the same time?”

And he added: “You could if they are two metres apart.”

Government sources said that Mr Raab had misspoke, and he meant to say that only members of the same household can all go to the park together.