Brits could be able to hug grandkids once again if cases come down further, Health Secretary reveals


During a Q&A with Sky News, the Health Secretary said that they may be able to release some shielding and social distancing measures if the number of new confirmed virus cases is slashed.

Due to the Covid-19 pandemic, over-70’s in Ireland have to ‘cocoon’, in accordance with the government’s guidelines

Millions of families have been torn apart for nearly six weeks, since the UK went into nationwide lockdown on March 23.

No one is allowed out except for four reasons – and Brits should not be visiting family they do not live with.

Linda, who is isolating as she is in a very vulnerable group of people who has been told to stay inside, asked Mr Hancock this morning:  “Am I going to have to wait until a vaccine  is found before I can hug my grandchildren and see friends or other options being considered to guarantee my safety outside lockdown?”

Mr Hancock said that those very vulnerable people have been asked to stay inside and have as little contact as possible for at least 12 weeks.

Only people who have got a letter from their GP telling them to do this should be completely isolating, he stressed.

“We may have to extend that, but we hope not to have to,” he added.

“We may well be able to release some of those measures before a vaccine is available, if we can get the number of new cases right down.

“In some countries we have managed to get the number of new cases right down.

“If we get there and succeed, then we will be able to take clinical advice on whether its safe for those people be able to hug their grandchildren.”

The Health Secretary said he understood the plight of those who haven’t been able to leave their homes for at least six weeks.

They were “at the front of my mind” but he wanted to make sure they were kept safe at all costs.

Everyone should follow social distancing guidelines,” he added.

“Those who are shielded are shielded for their own protection.”

Matt Hancock said he hoped that those who shield could have restrictions lifted when cases drop

There was “no guarantee” that a vaccine could be found – but companies were making huge strides towards one, he stressed.

Britain is at the forefront of a global race with at least two trials starting in humans.

Scientists hope to known in just a couple of months if they will work.