Brits may need vaccine passports to get into ALL big ticketed events from September as PM ‘not ruling anything out’


BRITS could need to show proof of full vaccination to get into all big ticketed events from September, a minister suggested today.

Mandatory jabs passports may even be required to get into some large pubs in future with Boris Johnson not “ruling anything out”.

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Brits could need to prove vaccination to get into all large ticketed events

The comments from business minister Paul Scully came after the PM announced you’ll have to show a certificate to enter nightclubs.

They will raise alarm bells amongst lockdown-sceptic Tory MPs that mission creep is already setting in and Covid ID may become the norm.

The PM is set to face a huge rebellion and may need Sir Keir Starmer’s help to get the plan through Parliament.

Mr Scully said vaccine passports are set to be needed for “anything where large numbers of people come together”.

He said: “We’re not ruling anything out, but we’re not saying crowded pubs. We’re saying clubs and also larger ticketed events as well.

“There are a number of sporting venues that are already looking at voluntarily doing this so you’ll see this before September.”

But in a sign that the policy has been made up on the hoof he couldn’t say exactly which venues will be covered.

“Larger ticketed events” could cover everything from football matches and music festivals to theatre performances.

Business minister Paul Scully said No 10 is still working out the details of the plan
Boris Johnson said vaccine passports will be needed for nightclubs from the end of September

Mr Scully admitted ministers “need to work on the definition” of how the new scheme will work and make sure businesses are ready to enforce it.

And he denied introducing vaccine passports for nightclubs is a bribe to try and get youngsters to take the jab.

The PM has raised concerns that three million 18-30 year olds – more than a third of the age group – haven’t yet got the shot.

And there have been reports No 10 is prepared to ditch the plan entirely if enough receive it between now and September.

The announcement marks an extraordinary U-turn from the Government which had repeatedly insisted it wouldn’t impose Covid papers on Brits.

Back in January the vaccines minister Nadhim Zahawi vowed: “No one has been given or will be required to have a vaccine passport.”

And as recently as July 5 a review led by Cabinet minister Michael Gove recommended against introducing them.

It concluded: “The government will not mandate the use of COVID-status certification as a condition of entry for visitors to any setting at the present time.

“The impacts are judged to be disproportionate to the public health benefit at this stage of the pandemic.”

The plans for vaccine passports have enraged Tory MPs.

Mark Harper, chair of the Covid Recovery Group, said the UK is “effectively moving to compulsory vaccination”.

Fellow lockdown sceptic Steve Baker has called Covid papers a “ghastly trap” that would create a “two-tier Britain.”

And one backbencher warned the PM will face his biggest rebellion yet over the move.