Brits on Universal Credit paying back 50million a MONTH in advances to cope with five week wait


BRITS on Universal Credit are paying back a whopping 50million a month in advances to cope with the five-week wait.

Fresh figures show that millions of Brits are having their benefits packages cut to pay back money they borrowed when they made the switch to the new system.

Brits on Universal Credit are having to pay back millions of pounds in advances to cope with the five week wait

Advances are available for people who can’t manage the long wait until their first payment – five weeks after they apply.

HOAR has been campaigning to cut the five week wait down to help Brits get access to the money earlier, and stop them from falling into debt.

Charities have long warned that the wait forces Brits to food banks to cope, and pushes them into arrears.

The stats showed that 50million was paid back last August from those on Universal Credit.

Brits also paid 14million in tax credit over-payments, 5million in rent arrears and 1.2million in council tax arrears, it showed.

Chris Stephens, SNP MP for Glasgow South West, said: “This is an incredible sum. The figures lay bare that the five-week policy simply isnt working – it just drives people further into poverty.
“The DWP is removing 50 million from people each month to pay for its own ridiculous policy of making them wait weeks and weeks for Universal Credit payments.

“Unless the DWP moves to a policy where benefits are paid promptly the queues for food banks in Glasgow, and across the country, will continue growing.”

In the written question, DWP minister Will Quince said: “The Departments deductions policy strikes a fair balance between a claimants need to meet their obligations and their ability to ensure they can meet their day-to-day needs.

“From October 2019, Universal Credit deductions have been reduced to 30% of a claimants standard allowance down from 40% to better achieve these objectives.”

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