Brits told to STILL stay working from home if they can from May 17 onwards – despite lifting pub rules


BRITS should continue to work from home if they can from May 17 – despite lifting rules on pubs, restaurants and allowing people to mix inside.

Workers are currently allowed to come back into office buildings if they wish, subject to social distancing requirements and building limits.

Working from home some days a week will become the norm for many Brits

Working from home some days a week will become the norm for many Brits

However, the PM has confirmed tonight that people are still to be told to work from home if they can, until at least June 21.

A review of social distancing and whether it should stay is expected to form a key part of lifting all rules next month.

But for the moment, people will still have to stay working from kitchen tables and their desks at home.

Nearly all of Britain’s 50 biggest firms are planning more flexible work-from-home models following the Covid pandemic.

Millions of Brits were told to stay in their homes last March, and flexible working looks set to be here to stay.

Most companies plan on using a hybrid model of work, allowing staff to stay at home for a couple of days a week post-pandemic.

A staggering 43 per cent of the country’s biggest firms are on board with the hybrid working schedule, according to a survey.

And just four employers are still deciding whether the mixture of working from home and office working will be beneficial for them.

With long and expensive commutes, many people are preferring to spend some time at home.

But millions are keen to get back to their colleagues, alongside going out to visit bars, pubs and restaurants once again.

The work from home advice comes despite people being allowed to see up to six others inside restaurants from May 17, the PM confirmed tonight.

And Brits will even be allowed to go on holiday too, making the work from home rules look even more barmy.

The lockdown lifting rules confirmed tonight include:

  • Rules for pubs and restaurants will be relaxed so people can meet up to six inside, and 30 outside
  • Holidays will be legal again – and the £5,000 fines will be dropped
  • Hugging between friends and family will be given the nod, as social distancing rules are expected to be relaxed
  • Hotels, cinemas, indoor play areas and other attractions are allowed to reopen finally
  • But strict pub rules will remain including table service, social distancing and checking in via the NHS app
  • Schoolkids will no longer have to wear masks in class
  • But weddings will still have a 30 person cap, despite funerals having their rules lifted
  • The casual sex ban will finally be over as Brits can get close again, and stay over at each other’s homes
  • Organised adult sport and exercise classes can resume indoors and saunas and steam rooms can reopen
  • Working from home should continue if people can
  • Sports events can allow up to 10,000 fans in easing of rules in stadiums

Ministers are satisfied that the tests for relaxing lockdown measures have been met, and it won’t risk progress to allow more freedoms.

Step three will go ahead as planned as the data shows thanks to the vaccine rollout, we are making good progress.

It will be the biggest relaxing of lockdown rules yet, with near-normality being reached.

June 21 is expected to see all remaining rules ditched.

Nightclubs will be able to finally reopen, and all other rules on social contact will be ripped up.

But it’s not yet clear if wider social distancing rules and mask laws will be ditched, yet, and there are fears this could remain through until the colder winter months, where Covid is expected to spread more easily.