Budget includes plan for 4,000 miles of new roads and £2.5bn on potholes


BRITAIN’S roads will be given a massive makeover for more than 4000 miles, and a £2.5 billion fund to fix potholes.

The jumbo spending package will bring in the nation’s biggest ever pothole-filling program to repair as much as 50 million over the next five years.

The Chancellor’s funding will fill 50 million potholes across the country

Mr Sunak said: “There’s more money for our roads too.”

“I’m announcing new investment in local roads, alongside a new £2.5 billion pothole fund.

“That’s £500 million every single year – enough to fill, by the end of the Parliament, 50 million potholes.”

Research by the Federation of Small Business found show that 700,000 new potholes were reported in England alone last year, covering a total of 28km – or the equivalent height of 292 Big Bens.

The spending boost is part of a huge £27billion package to fix Britain’s roads and will deliver on Boris Johnson’s election promise to “level up” the country with better transport links.

Mr Sunak said the government’s ambition was “truly national” and would fix roads in the south west, the midlands, and free up dense traffic in Manchester and Newcastle.

He said: “We promised to get Britain moving – and we’re getting it done.”

The landmark budget delivered by the 39-year-old Chancellor will be the biggest spending splurge in 65 years.

It promised a £30billion fund to help people impacted by the spread of the deadly coronavirus – including those having to self isolate but not yet showing any symptoms.

Duties on spirits, wine and beer were all frozen for the second time running and the Chancellor kept the freeze on fuel duty.

A massive £640billion would be injected into infrastructure, rail and roads.

Mr Sunak said: “We promised to level up, with new roads, railways, broadband and homes. This Budget gets it done.”

The Chancellor gave a special mention to the stalled Stonehenge tunnel which will turn the busy A303 road into a 1.8 mile dual-carriageway between Stonehenge and Wiltshire.

Rishi Sunak announced the new fund to revamp Britain’s road today