Bungling Jeremy Corbyn forgot where he was & how many trees he would plant in speech laying out his environmental plans


BUNGLING Jeremy Corbyn forgot where he was, how many trees he would plant and misquoted Jerusalem in a speech laying out his environmental plans.

The Labour chief kept referring to Dorset when he was in Hampshire, and vowed to plant just 300 saplings in a first term as PM.

Jeremy Corbyn made an error-strewn speech laying out environmental plans at St Marys Stadium in Southampton

He misquoted William Blakes famous hymn saying: We will build a new Jerusalem, in Britain…Englands green and pleasant land.

Mr Corbyn was addressing activists in St Marys Stadium in Southampton, Hants.

But he soon baffled the audience by telling them: I just love Dorset.

If elected PM, he said, he would plant in No.10s garden a hornbeam he was given by Extinction Rebellion activists in October.

But he forgot their name, too, and referred to them as the climate extinction people.

Labour plans to spend 3.7billion on planting and environment policies, creating 35,000 jobs a year.


It wants ten protected parks to be added to the existing 15.

Candidates include the Malvern Hills, Chiltern Hills, Lincolnshire Wolds and coastal Suffolk and Dorset.

The party has vowed to plant two billion trees by 2040.

Critics said that would require an area the size of Wales.

Nigel Evans, Tory hopeful for Ribble Valley, joked: Maybe he plans to nationalise the Amazon.

Michael Fabricant, Conservative candidate for Lichfield, said Labour would need to plant 200 trees a minute for 20 years to meet the target.

Last night, on Channel Four News Climate Debate, Mr Corbyn admitted that Labour would pay farmers to turn fields into forests.

Agricultural land costs around 5,500 an acre, latest figures say.

He also said he only turned on his heating last week.

He added: Im quite miserable actually on this basis. I dont like to see the waste of energy.

Corbyn vowed to set an example by planting a tree in Downing Street if he wins the election
Jeremy Corbyn kept referring to Dorset instead of Hampshire when addressing the crowd of activists in Southampton