Businesses forced to shut in Leicester will be able to re-furlough their staff


BUSINESSES are allowed to re-furlough their staff again in Leicester after they were forced to shut thanks to a fresh coronavirus spike.

Downing Street confirmed today that it was possible for anyone who has used the scheme between March 1 and June 30.

Shops have had to shut again thanks to a spike in the virus in Leicester

Anyone with symptoms is being urged to get a test immediately

It means that firms worried about losing cash by being forced to shut up again will be still able to get Government help.

Last night Health Secretary Matt Hancock said he had to take drastic measures to protect lives in Leicester yesterday after a fresh uptick of cases.

A No10 spokesperson said this lunchtime: “If employers used the furlough scheme between March 1 and 30 June.

“They can re-furlough those employees from 1 July.

“If someone worked in non essential retail, that non essential retail will still be eligible to benefit from the furlough scheme.

“The support we put in for businesses of all sizes continues to be in place.”

The cut off date for joining the furlough scheme was earlier this month – June 15.

It means that some firms won’t be eligible to the cash help.

Rishi Sunak has announced plans to wind down the scheme from August – where employers will have to start making more contributions.

It will close completely at the end of October.

But Labour and other campaign groups are calling for it to be extended in areas where they cannot fully reopen yet.

However, the PM admitted this morning: “We know in our hearts that the furloughing cannot go on forever.

“We also know that jobs people had in January are not coming back, at least not in that form.”


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