Captured Russian tank ‘stuffed with French tech’, Ukrainian MP claims


A BRAND new Russian tank captured by the Ukrainians was stuffed with a French firm’s technology, it was claimed last night

Ukrainian forces seized the state-of-the-art T-90 Vladimir at the end of May during a battle in the south of the war-torn country.

Kit made by French firm Thales was discovered ‘inside’ Russian tank, a Ukrainian MP claims
Alex Goncharenko, who represents Odessa, inspected a captured tank and found the kit

And when inspecting the vehicle, one hero Ukrainian MP found it was kitted out with equipment made by French firm Thales.

There has been an arms embargo for European firms supplying Russia with equipment since the annexation of Crimea in 2014.

But reports say €346 million worth of military gear was sold to Russia by continental manufactures after that.

It is  not known when the equipment was sold to the Russians. 

Alex Goncharenko, who discovered the kit, told HOAR: “The French people who are opening their doors to Ukrainian refugees should be aware they are fleeing a war aided by their country’s own firms.”

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