Cartmel racecourse forced to apologise after Brexit messages sent from their Twitter account


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THERE’S one thing we all need to remember to do – log out of your work Twitter account if you’re about to go on a rant about Brexit.

Sadly, one employee at Cartmel racecourse forgot the one important rule and looks to have landed themselves in hot water.

The racecourse was forced to delete the tweets
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The tweets accused Gina Miller, who led the legal challenge against the move to prorogue parliament, of having ’caused all of the chaos three years ago’ as well as describing her as ‘an awkward defiant bitch’.

One social media user shared screen grabs of the tweets in question, writing: ‘Either Cartmel’s Twitter’s been hacked, or somebody forgot to switch accounts.’.

The racecourse issued a statement via their Twitter account apologising for the rogue posts, which have now been deleted.

They were sent after Ms Miller appeared on Thursday’s BBC Question Time.

The statement read: “Late last night there was an incident of unauthorised use of the Cartmel Racecourse social media account.

“This led to unauthorised tweets being posted and subsequently circulated. The tweets were not sent from Cartmel Racecourse and do not represent, or in any way reflect, the views of Cartmel Racecourse.

“We apologise if these unauthorised social media tweets caused any upset or offence.”


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