Channel 4 plans to empty-chair Boris Johnson after snubbing their election debate over bias


CHANNEL 4 are pressing ahead with plans to humiliate Boris Johnson after he snubbed their election debate because of a row over bias.

The broadcaster said it will empty-chair the PM in the live one-hour leaders debate on climate change on Thursday night.

Boris Johnson refused to take part in a Channel 4 election debate due to a row over bias

But the Tories said they had deep reservations about signing up because of the furore caused by Channel 4 boss Dorothy Byrne.

In the summer, she branded Mr Johnson a known liar in an anti-Tory tirade.

And they accused Labour of trying to limit the election debate to non-Brexit issues to escape leader Jeremy Corbyn’s chaotic stance on a second referendum.

Channel 4 said Thursdays showdown – called Emergency on Planet Earth: The Debate – will take place even if Boris Johnson is unable to take up the invitation.

The debate is expected to go ahead with the remaining seven party leaders.

Jeremy Corbyn, Scottish First Minister and SNP leader Nicola Sturgeon, Liberal Democrat leader Jo Swinson and Green co-leader Sian Berry have accepted the invitation.

Ben de Pear, editor of Channel 4 News, said: “There is no more urgent issue facing the planet and we are delighted to open the whole of our programme for all the party leaders to show what plans they have to confront it.”

But a Conservative source said: “Jeremy Corbyn is trying to limit the debate to a single issue because he does not have an answer on the biggest question of this election – Brexit.”

Channel 4 boss Dorothy Byrne has branded Mr Johnson a ‘known liar’
Boris Johnson and Jeremy Corbyn during the ITV Leaders Debate