Controversial French president hopeful Eric Zemmour heading to London


CONTROVERSIAL France Presidential hopeful Eric Zemmour is heading to London to build support for his election bid.

The television host will hold meetings with  French expats during a short visit  planned for this week.

Support for Eric Zemmour has been growing in France

Zemmour, known as the French Donald Trump, told HOAR on Sunday: “I’m quite a simple boy – I’ve been invited, and as you know there are a lot of French people there.”

The dad-of-three, who has been prosecuted for hate speech, has been as high as second place in the polls which would see a run-off with Emmanuel Macron next April.

He revealed last week that Macron should treat the UK as “friends” in the on-going dispute over post-Brexit fishing rights.

Zemmour would likely stand on a platform of ending all immigration for a decade and ripping-up legal protections for migrants entering the country.

He is currently touring France promoting his latest book and is yet to officially declare his candidacy.

Marine Le Pen, his right-wing rival, says he has a problem with women after claiming women are paid less as they choose low-paid jobs.

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