Convictions for evil people smugglers HALVE despite surge in small boat crossings

epa08612526 A Border Force vessel brings in migrants found off the coast of Dover in Dover, Kent, Britain, 19 August 2020. Britain and France are continuing ongoing talks to try to resolve the migrant crisis in the English Channel. Migrants from Syria and other countries are continuing to arrive along the coast of the UK in their quest for asylum. EPA/ANDY RAIN

CONVICTIONS for people trafficking have more than HALVED – as small boat crossings skyrocket. 

Damning stats show migrant crossing soar to new highs but just 135 banged up – as smugglers rake in staggering £183 million from illegal journeys.

A Border Force vessel brings in migrants found off the coast of Dover

As migrant Channel crossings soared to new highs of 45,000 last year, just 135 were charged with illegal offences of helping people make the dangerous journey.

Meanwhile, sick smugglers have raked in a staggering £183million from facilitating the journeys – which cost an average of £4k each.

In the year ending June 2019, 254 people were convicted, but that plummeted down to just 135 last year, according to new stats revealed by Labour.

This year could see 65,000 people make the dangerous trip across the Channel, some modelling has predicted.

Some 262 have already made the dangerous journey since the start of the month, with another 1,300 in January despite freezing temperatures.

Shadow Home Secretary, Yvette Cooper blasted: “It is unforgivable that the Conservatives have completely failed to crackdown on the criminal gangs who are profiting from the small boat crossings.”

A Home Office spokesperson said: “We have arrested more than 320 people since we strengthened the law in June last year, and we remain committed to removing those who flout our laws.

“We are working tirelessly to crack down on these evil people smugglers risking the lives of vulnerable people for profit, using every tool at our disposal to deter illegal migration.”