Corbyn claims hes got 451 pages of proof Boris wants to sell NHS but health hardly features and its years old


JEREMY Corbyn has claimed he’s found “451 pages of evidence” that the NHS is up for sale under Boris Johnson – but the documents are nearly three years old and barely mention the health service.

The leftie boss tried to distract from his huge anti-Semitism row this morning with hundreds of pages of notes of meetings about trade deals.

Jeremy Corbyn has claimed these documents reveal the NHS is up for sale – even though they barely mention it

He promised a big reveal of secrets ahead of a press conference today, where he branded hundreds of pages of supposed state secrets.

But he was immediately ridiculued when it was revealed that nothing of substance was in them.

Despite claiming the PM will put the NHS on the table in a trade deal, none of the meetings between UK and US officials have taken place under the current PM.

All of the meetings took place years ago, between 2017 and 2018.

His stunt claimed to reveal secret details of the UK government’s talks with the US about the NHS.

But searching through them only reveals four mentions of the health service.

Mr Corbyn’s big announcement was overshadowed by last night’s car crash interview over anti-Semitism, where he refused several times to apologise for the hurt done to the Jewish community.

This morning Barry Gardiner, Mr Corbyn’s Shadow Trade Secretary, snapped at a journalist for daring to ask a question about the row.

He angrily replied: “Is that just an opportune moment to get a dig in about something else?

“We are here today to talk about a trade deal.”

Boris Johnson has repeatedly insisted that the NHS will never be up for sale – even promising it in his election manifesto last weekend.

He even tweeted this morning: “Our NHS will not be on the table for any trade negotiations.”

Read the documents in full here.

The leftie boss tried to distract the electorate from his huge row over anti-Semitism last night