Coronavirus lockdown changes: Everything you can do in England from tomorrow as shops reopen but hair salons stay shut


TOMORROW will see some of the biggest changes to the coronavirus lockdown rules as shops reopen and more kids get back in the classroom.

But there’s still more to come, with the two-metre rule under review, air bridges for summer holidays still be agreed, and pubs not set to resume trading until July.

Tomorrow will see some of the biggest changes to lockdown rules

From Monday, Brits will be allowed to go clothes shopping, to the local zoo or to church for private prayer.

Face coverings on public transport will also become mandatory, meaning you might be denied entry if you’re not wearing one.

In schools, meanwhile, more youngsters are to be allowed in – with older pupils welcomed back in small class sizes.

But some of the strictest rules will stay in place, with pubs, bars, restaurants and hairdressers still closed until July, the two-metre rule still enforced, and the 14-day quarantine for holidaymakers returning to the UK remaining in place.

Here is everything you need to know about the upcoming coronavirus lockdown changes.


On Wednesday, the Prime Minister announced that people living alone in England will be allowed to stay at someone else’s house from this weekend.

Boris Johnson said that Brits who live on their own, or are a single parent with kids under 18, would be able to visit another household – of any size – without following social distancing rules.

Brits who live alone will be able to form support bubbles with another household, meaning couples who live apart can see each other

Speaking at the Downing Street press conference, the PM said: “All those in a support bubble will be able to act as if they live in the same household, meaning they can spend time together inside each others’ homes and do not need to stay two metres apart”.

However, Mr Johnson added that “support bubbles must be exclusive”, meaning you can’t change the household you are in a bubble with.

There were 8.2 million people living alone in the UK last year, according to the Office for National Statistics, and the change could be a huge help for older people suffering from loneliness.


From Monday, non-essential shops will be allowed to reopen for the first time in almost three months.

This means Brits can head out to buy clothes, furniture and kitchenware from the high street tomorrow.

Non-essential shops will be reopening from tomorrow

Big brands set to reopen their branches next week include Argos, Debenhams, H&M, Primark and John Lewis.

However, there are plans in place for strict social distancing rules.

This will likely see one-way systems enforced down shopping isles, and limits on the number of customers allowed in.


You will need to wear a face covering if you want to travel on public transport from June 15.

Speaking earlier this month, Grant Shapps, the transport secretary, said that Brits could make the mask at home, and shouldn’t wear ones used in hospitals.

Face coverings will be mandatory for people going on public transport from June 15

He told the Downing Street press conference on June 4: “That doesn’t mean, surgical masks, which we must keep for clinical settings. It means the kind of face covering you can easily make at home.”

If you’re found not wearing a covering, you might be refused travel and could face a fine of up to £100, or £50 if paid in 14 days.

There will be exceptions for young kids and disabled people.

All hospital visitors will also be required to wear face coverings from Monday.


Zoos, safari parks and drive-in cinemas in England are allowed to reopen from Monday.

The announcement came amid fears that some zoos would be bankrupted if forced to stay closed over summer.

Zoos will have strict social distancing rules in place when they reopen form Monday

Edward Perry, managing director of Knowsley Safari, in Merseyside, said while it was “very good news”, he wanted the park to have reopened sooner.

He commented: “Knowsley Safari has been ready for the past week to safely open to the public and we still can’t understand why it’s been OK for people to jump in their cars to go and get Big Macs but not to come and see our big cats.”

However, the Prime Minister has said that some areas will still be off limits – in particular indoor places like reptile houses.


Places of worship across England will open their doors from June 15.

Large gatherings will still not be allowed, though, meaning people will be only be allowed to pray while following social distancing rules.

Churches will be allowed to reopen for individual prayer from tomorrow

The Government has said that all churches will need to be cleaned regularly, and books cannot be shared.

Places of worship haven’t been open since March 23, when lockdown began.


There are also set to be some big changes in the classroom, with Year 10 and 12 pupils allowed back in waves.

The Government has announced that only a quarter of kids will be allowed in school at a time – meaning that for some kids, they could get just one full day of teaching each week.

More kids will be back in the classroom too, with Year 10 and Year 12 going in

Classrooms will have undergone some huge changes since March, with less desks, frequent cleaning, and minimal contact between pupils.

When they’re not at school, children will still be required to complete remote learning, the Government says it should remain “the predominant mode of education”.

Plans for other years to return to the classroom have been delayed, with the Education Secretary last week saying that all primary school kids won’t go back before the summer.

“We are not able to welcome all primary for a full month before the summer,” Gavin Williamson admitted on Tuesday.


Some of the biggest changes are still to come, with bars and pubs still shut and the two-metre rule still being enforced.

The Government has said that most other shops will be allowed to reopen from July 4 at the earliest – meaning Brits can get a proper haircut for the first time in months.

Some big changes are still to come, including air bridges so Brits can go on holiday

Meanwhile, social distancing rules are currently under review, with the Government’s scientific advisers looking into whether it can be reduced.

This would mean that shops, boozers and restaurants could let more customers in.

Air bridges between the UK and other countries – which could see Brits allowed on summer holidays – are also yet to be agreed.

Under today’s rules, Brits who go abroad must self-isolate for two weeks when they return from the UK.

These could be agreed by June 29, with Transport Secretary Grant Shapps saying last week that the Government is “actively working” on them.

Hairdressers are still shut, but could reopen from July 4
The two-metre social distancing rule, which has been in place since March, could be altered
Bars, restaurants and pubs could resume trading in July

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