Coronavirus UK news update – South Africa & Brazil variants are FALLING in the UK as all adults to be vaccinated by JULY


DEADLY mutant Covid variants from South African and Brazil are falling in the UK as vaccination efforts soar.

Matt Hancock this morning said there was evidence that the stricter measures – including contact tracing and stricter border measures – had slowed the spread of the new strains.

Speaking to Sophy Ridge on Sunday, he said: “We’ve now got a much stronger vigilance in place, because everybody coming into the country has to be tested and we sequence the results of those tests.

“And we’ve also got a very strong set of actions working with the local authorities very specifically in the areas where a new variant is found.

“We hit it hard and send in enhanced contact-tracing and go door-to-door.

“We’ve now got this programme in place to be able to really, really try to stamp out a new variant where we see it. There is evidence that is working.”

This comes as the PM is confident he can speed up the vaccination programme to free the country from lockdown sooner than planned.

He said: “I want to see the roll-out go further and faster in the coming weeks.

“We will now aim to offer a jab to every adult by the end of July, helping us protect the most vulnerable sooner, and take further steps to ease some of the restrictions in place.”

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