Covid vaccine news latest – UK to give away MILLIONS of surplus jabs to poor countries as Britain leads global fightback


BRITAIN will give away millions of doses of surplus coronavirus vaccine to poor countries, the government will reveal today.

As we lead the world in terms of vaccine rollout and with many countries desperately lacking resources to vaccinate their own populations, the UK will step in to help save millions of lives around the world.

As well as being a charitable act, the move isn’t entirely selfless for two main reasons – the first being the widely held view that in our highly globalised world, nobody is really safe from covid until everybody is.

And it will also ease growing fears of Chinese vaccine colonialism, as Beijing looks to grab even more power around the world by forcing grateful countries under their political influence.

The news comes a Brits as young as 40 could be offered a Covid jab within weeks in a move that could step-up pressure on the Government to lift the lockdown, according to reports. 

Government advisers are set to urge the next phase of the vaccine rollout to continue on the basis of age — rather than prioritising key workers, reports the Daily Mail.

This development would be a huge boost for the UK’s vaccine programme at the same time adding pressure on ministers to ease the lockdown sooner.

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