Cringe moment shameless ex-speaker John Bercow bellows order! in Italian on talk show


SHAMELESS former speaker John Bercow made a fool of himself by shouting order on a late night Italian telly show.

Self-publicising Mr Bercow was a laughing stock after a clip emerged of him shouting his favoured phrase in Italian.

John Bercow bellowed his catchphrase in Italian

The loudmouth screamed: Ordineeeeee to a laughing crowd on the Che Tempo Che Fa show.

He was invited on to the show to talk about Brexit and despite Boris Johnsons landslide victory he was defiant about Britain leaving the EU.

The ex-speaker said: ”I thought that Brexit was the biggest mistake that the United Kingdom has committed since the war and I have not changed my opinion despite the result of the elections.

“Many of the voters across the country have been angry about this large-scale immigration, but I thought it was a good phenomenon for our country, but many are hostile.”

The arch remainer also spoke about his love of tennis on the bizarre TV outing.

He showed the show his phones screen saver of his tennis idol Roger Federer before shouting Federer in his bolshie order style.

Last month he revealed that his application to the All England Tennis Club in Wimbledon had been ditched after members objected to him joining.

He told GQ: I haven’t received any formal communication, but somebody who was putting me up for membership of the All England Club changed his mind.

This particular person disapproved of decisions I had made from the Chair and wrote to me to say that in the circumstances he felt he must withdraw his nomination.

The latest gaffe, comes as it emerged that he was paid up to 60,000 for his Sky News appearance on election night.

It comes as Mr Bercow was mocked for his “pig sick” reaction to the exit poll as the Tories surged to a stunning election victory.

John Bercow’s reaction to the exit poll result on Sky News

The former speaker’s face betrayed what he thought of the result as he sat in Sky News studios and digested his former party’s landslide victory.

John Bercow doesnt look a happy bunny on Sky News, tweeted former Tory deputy chairman Lord Ashcroft.