Defence Sec forgets social distancing and shakes hand before Cabinet meeting


DEFENCE Secretary Ben Wallace was spotted this morning forgetting to social distance and shaking someones hand.

Mr Wallace was on his way to a Cabinet meeting chaired by the PM this morning when he made the blunder.

Ben Wallace spotted shaking hands this morning
Ben Wallace forgot about social distancing this morning

Boris Johnson and Rishi Sunak sitting socially distanced in Cabinet meeting

Boris Johnson is urging Brits to get back to work today

Footage shows Mr Wallace smiling as he greets a man on his way into Westminster this morning before shaking his hand.

The Cabinet meeting is being held at the Foreign Office to allow ministers to meet in person but still keep a safe distance from one another.

Hand shaking is still very much off-limits to stop the transmission of coronavirus, and the PM has been spotted bumping elbows with people to greet them instead.

It comes as Boris Johnson is set to continue to drum home the message that the nation needs to go back to “normality” and people need to go back to offices as kids get back to school.

Mr Johnson is warning Brits to get back to work or risk losing their jobs.

The new Government campaign to encourage people to leave their home set-up is set to kick in after schools reopen next week.

The push will include reassurances on the safety of offices, and the benefits of being around colleagues.