Deported criminals are among more than 14,000 small boat arrivals in Britain

About fourty migrants, fom various origins, hold an inflatable boat before boarding to attempt crossing the Channel illegally to Britain, near the northern French city of Gravelines on July 11, 2022. (Photo by Denis Charlet / AFP) (Photo by DENIS CHARLET/AFP via Getty Images)

CRIMINALS who were previously deported by the UK are among the more than 14,000 small boat arrivals on British beaches this year, a report reveals.

Some of the cons are being housed in makeshift accommodation along with women and children as authorities struggle to cope with the influx.

More than 14,000 small boat arrived on British shores this year

The heatwave has led to a flurry of migrant crossings this week

Chief inspector of prisons Charlie Taylor says in the annual report into jails that the incident raised “worrying safeguarding” concerns.

He said one man, known to authorities as he had previously been deported from the UK after being jailed for over 12 months, was deemed to pose a “medium risk of harm”.

Taylor said: “The safeguarding processes weren’t good enough to make sure they weren’t filtering out and making sure that people like that won’t be held in the same facility as women, children and families.”

He warned of “haphazard” arrangements for dealing with migrants arriving on the Kent coast and said there was “insufficient preparation” to help look after vulnerable children and adults.

There had been a lack of improvement in conditions for receiving migrants when they arrive in Dover, with a new facility promised at the dock still unopened.

Mr Taylor said: “I remain very concerned about the haphazard arrangements in place for those who have crossed the Channel in small boats.”

The heatwave has led to a flurry of migrant crossings this week, with more than 100 arriving yesterday, following 259 arriving in six boats on Tuesday.

It takes the total to have crossed this year to 14,010 — a figure that was not reached until September last year — in a total of 419 boats.

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