Diva Diner Health Secretary Demands Best Grub in Canteen Revamp


Health Secretary Steve Barclay Calls for Office Kitchen Makeover

Health Secretary Steve Barclay is not happy with the food options in his work canteen and has demanded a kitchen revamp for his government department.

"Top-Quality Soup and Pasta" on Request

According to meeting minutes obtained by HOAR, Barclays has specifically requested "top-quality soup and pasta offerings" in the office canteen, along with quality coffee.

Labour Puts "Patients Before Pesto"

The Labour party has criticized Barclay's food requests, arguing that he should be focusing on improving hospitals instead.

"Cut Waiting Lists in Wales", Tory Source Suggests

In response to Labour's criticism, a Tory source suggested that if Labour wants to cut waiting lists, they should start in Wales where patients are over 600 times more likely to wait over two years for treatment compared to England.

Government Prioritizes Staff Facilities and Health Meals

A Department of Health and Social Care spokesperson emphasized that improving facilities for staff and providing healthy meal options does not conflict with the government's priority of cutting waiting lists.

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