Does Matt Hancock have dyslexia?

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DYSLEXIA is a condition which affects a person’s skills to accurately read and spell and can prove to make learning a bit more difficult.

Matt Hancock spoke out about how he was diagnosed with dyslexia and learnt to overcome it.

Matt Hancock was diagnosed with dyslexia in university

Does Matt Hancock have dyslexia?

Matt Hancock was diagnosed with dyslexia and it was not easy for him to go through his political career, having to read public speeches.

However, he revealed how England’s former deputy chief medical officer Sir Jonathan Van Tam helped him to learn how to read words such as “dexamethasone.”

Ahead of TV press conferences, especially during the Covid-19 crisis, Hancock would find himself asking for help on tricky words before going live.

In 2022, he raised awareness when reading the Private Members’ Bill on how dyslexia affects so many people every day and the Bill suggested that universal dyslexia screening should be done on children.

What has Matt Hancock said about dyslexia?

Matt Hancock was not ashamed or scared to ask for help when he felt that his dyslexia was making him struggle.

However, this was not an easy thing for him to accept and start doing.

He said: “Previously I would have done everything I could to avoid the word.

“I got probably the best person in the world to teach me, but I am not sure it was the best use of time.

“JVT spent hald an hour one afternoon teaching me how to say the word dexamethasone and getting it into my head.

“And now it’s a picture that translates into my head.

“It was a moment of light relief in what was quite a difficult period.

“I have always had a cheerful view of the whole thing especially once it was identified.

“The reason I want the universal approach is because good schools already do this.

“The number of people in private schools who get an assessment is much, much higher than the number of people in state schools and that’s another injustice.

“I still get examples given to me right now in 2022 of teachers telling dyslexic children they are just not suited to education.”

When was Matt Hancock diagnosed with dyslexia?

Matt Hancock revealed that he was diagnosed with dyslexia when he was at university in Oxford.

He was taught to read words by seeing them as pictures, however, he still struggles with some unfamiliar words that he comes across.

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