Dominic Cummings says MPs who block Brexit are out of touch with publics fury and Brexit will be a walk in the park


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MPs are “out of touch” with the huge public anger building as they continue to block Brexit, Boris Johnson’s chief adviser Dominic Cummings has said.

In his first public appearance since starting his new role at No10, the ex-Vote Leave strategist said he found it “odd” that MPs who caused the impasse were shocked at the furious response of voters.

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Dominic Cummings said MPs should not be surprised the public are angry that Brexit hasn’t happened[/caption]

Mr Cummings said that he wasn’t worried about the current battles going on in Parliament, adding: “We are going to win, don’t worry”.

He insisted Boris was right to use words like “surrender”.

“A lot of people have become really, really badly disconnected from what people in the real world and what England outside central London think,” he stressed.

“The MPs said we will have a referendum and we will respect the result.

“Then they spent three years swerving all over the shop. It is not surprising that some people are angry about it. I find it very odd that these characters are complaining that people are unhappy about their behaviour now and they also say that they want a referendum.

“What do they think? How does that compute for them?

“For me it says that fundamentally a lot of people in Parliament are more of out of touch with the country now than they were in summer 2016.”


It comes after a fuming Labour MP had a public-bust up with Boris Johnson’s Brexit chief in Parliament yesterday.

Karl Turner confrontedDominic Cummings about language used by the Prime Minister, including calling a law demanding he extend the Brexit talks if no deal is secured the “Surrender Act”.

Mr Turner, a shadow transport minister, saw Mr Cummings in Portcullis House, a building across the road from Parliament where most MPs have their offices.

In a video filmed by a member of his staff, he confronted him about the perceived death threats he had received.

The MP said: Ive had death threats overnight, should be dead but Mr Cummings, leaning on a post, replied: Get Brexit done.

But Mr Turner appeared incensed by his response and continued: Its a disgrace.

Get Brexit done? Ive had three opportunities to get Brexit done. If I could have voted for it, I would have voted for it. Dont tell me to get Brexit done.”

The exchange ended when Mr Cummings said I don’t know who you are and Mr Turner replied Im an MP and walked off.

The No10 adviser – seen this morning – said he was still confident Britain would leave the EU
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Cummings was confronted by an MP in Parliament yesterday


The pair got into a confrontation over Brexit
Mr Cummings ended the scrap by telling the MP he didn’t know who he is

Mr Johnson has been criticised for his use of the word “surrender” to describe an act of Parliament – which will force him to get another extension from the EU.

And he’s also under fire for shrugging off concerns about threats from Labour’s Paula Sheriff as “humbug”.

That caused fury among MPs facing a barrage of threats and abuse.

Boris has refused to stop using the word “surrender” but has admitted that the “temper” of political debate needs to “come down”.

Boris is visiting a hospital today to plug his pledge for more money for the NHS and cancer screening machines.

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