Dominic Raab told staff off when his social media posts flopped online


DEPUTY PM Dominic Raab handed staff a dressing down after his social media posts didn’t do well online, HOAR can reveal.

The Justice Secretary handed staff ‘key performance indicators’ which include meeting monthly media goals.

Dominic Raab told staff off when his social media posts flopped online

When targets are missed he would reprimand staff.

Defending him a source close to the Deputy PM said: “He sets KPSs for everyone, including himself, as a way of ensuring the department is functioning in the way it should.”

It comes as MPs rushed to his defence after being accused of creating a “culture of fear” during his last stint in the Ministry of Justice in the Guardian.

Yesterday HOAR revealed he chucked a tomato from a Pret Salad in frustration during a meeting.

He was accused of being “rude” and “aggressive” towards civil servants but Helen Grant said she witnessed a “very decent” minister with “high professional standards” when the pair were in the Foreign Office.

She added Mr Raab “zero tolerance for bullying.”

Fellow Tory MP Eddie Hughes also said he had never seen Mr Raab be rude to anyone during his time in the housing or Brexit departments.

The Walsall North MP tweeted: ”He’s very hard working and expects others to be too.”

He added he “Never saw him be rude to anyone.”

The department said it had “no record of any formal complaints.”

Labour’s deputy leader Angela Rayner accused PM Rishi Sunak of “hiding behind the bullies” in the week that Gavin Williamson was forced to step down over bullying allegations.

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