Donald Trump says Boris Johnson sounds ‘incredible’ as PM prepares to go back to work on Monday


DONALD Trump says Boris Johnson sounds “incredible” as the Prime Minister prepares to return to work on Monday.

The President of the United States heaped praise on the PM who is set to return to the job just weeks after battling coronavirus in intensive care.

The PM is reportedly due back in Downing Street on Monday

Mr Johnson spoke to the US President by phone earlier this week, and told him was doing a lot better.

At a press briefing on Covid-19 the US President said: “He [Boris] called me a few days ago. I will tell you he sounded incredible.

“I was actually surprised. I thought he’d be like: ‘Oh Donald, how are you?’ He was ready to go. I’m very surprised to tell you. It’s like the old Boris, tremendous energy, tremendous drive.

“I was very surprised because he called me, almost you know, pretty close to when he got out of the hospital.

“I think he’s doing great, I think he’s doing great. He was so sharp and energetic, pretty incredible, he’s an incredible guy.

“He’s a friend of ours and a friend of mine. He loves our country, he loves his country a lot, but he loves our country, he respects our country and they’re lucky to have him over there.”

His comments were echoed this morning by the Health Secretary Matt Hancock.

Appearing on Sky News, he said: “I spoke to the PM yesterday, he’s in good shape and on very good form.

“He’s clearly recovering.”

Earlier this month, the PM was discharged from a London hospital and was continuing his recovery from COVID-19 at his country residence of Chequers.

He is said to have told aides to schedule meetings with Cabinet ministers next week to get up to speed, the Telegraph reports.

“He’s not the sort of person who is very good at doing nothing. In truth, he has been working pretty much full time for the past week,” a said.

The PM also spoke to the Queen last night as he continues his coronavirus recovery.

Downing Street said today that the Prime Minister is still not doing Government work but has been holding phone chats.

No10 said yesterday: “The PM is continuing his recovery at Chequers, he spoke with Dominic Raab yesterday, and had an audience with the Queen by phone last night.

“He is being sent regular updates on government business, but still the case he is not doing Government work.”

“The PM is recovering well but we are not in a position to say when he fully back at work.

“He will take the advice of his medical team.”

After being release from hospital, Mr Johnson has been recovering at Chequers