Eco-warrior demands for Britain to go carbon-neutral by 2025 would cost at least 200bn a year, report finds


CLIMATE campaigners demand for Britain to go carbon neutral by 2025 would cost at least 200billion a year, a report has found.

Extinction Rebellions aim for the UK to hit the global target in just six years time would also force a massive rise in taxes.

Extinction Rebellion’s aim for the UK to hit the carbon-neutral target by 2025 would force a massive rise in taxes

Each household would have to fork out an extra 7,300 to meet the goal, which would enforce a massive overhaul of energy supplies as well as changes to the economy, the think tank Onward has found.

Their report is published ahead of Channel 4s Leaders debate on climate change tonight and ERs fresh 12 days of street action, starting on Saturday.

The equivalent costs of going carbon neutral by 2030 are 100billion a year, which adds up to 4.5% of the nations GDP.

The 11 year target is backed by the Green Party and was also proposed at Labours conference two months ago.

Britain has committed to a 2050 target instead.

Onwards report also found the 2025 target is impossible as there arent enough plumbers in the UK or electric cars in the world to meet it.

Replacing gas boilers with low carbon alternatives such as electric heat pumps in 22.8 million homes would require 270,000 more plumbers, three times the number currently working in Britain.

And six million motorists would have to trade in their petrol or diesel vehicles for electric models, at a total cost of 1trillion.

That figure is three times the current global manufacturing capacity of electric vehicles.

Proposing his own plan of investment and incentives, Onwards Director Will Tanner said: We need a sensible target and solutions which do not clobber hardworking people with higher taxes and energy bills.