Embattled Boris Johnson to cut taxes, make childcare cheaper and launch prefab homes revolution


THE embattled PM is to cut taxes, make childcare cheaper and launch a prefab homes revolution.

Mr Johnson begins his policy blitz tomorrow with an announcement on flat-pack homes so Brits can get on the housing ladder more easily.

Embattled Boris Johnson is to cut taxes, make childcare cheaper and launch a prefab homes revolution

He will also seek to stave off the threat from Tory rebels by reducing the tax burden — including corporation taxes.

The cost of childcare will be driven down by slashing red tape which limits the number of kids with childminders and nurseries.

Yesterday BoJo insisted it was time to draw a line under questions about his future and vowed a return to fundamental Tory policies.

He will give two major speeches starting with a housing set-piece on Thursday, followed by one on the economy on Tuesday.

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Thousands of affordable flat-pack homes will be built, with right-to-buy extended for housing association residents.

And the Treasury is looking at options to offset next April’s corporation tax hike to 25 per cent for firms that invest in things like new technology.

Last night Chancellor Rishi Sunak told the Onward think-tank that in the autumn he will set out tax cuts and reforms to incentivise businesses.

And 17 Tory MPs — including former Cabinet ministers — united to call for an immediate cut to Britain’s tax burden.

In a hint of his big plans, the PM told the Cabinet yesterday that he wants to push through “huge, huge changes in our economy”.

He also thanked his bruised top team for going out to bat for him ahead of Monday’s confidence vote.

But privately his ministers think the PM has until January to get ahead in the polls or face the exit.

The scale of the opposition faced by No 10 has left senior Tories in utter depression, with one telling HOAR: “Clarity is everything in politics and we have landed square in the mud.”

There are growing fears in the Government ranks that BoJo will be unable to escape the hammer blow this time.

One warned darkly: “Even Harry Houdini died eventually.”


Taxes will be slashed

CORPORATION Tax rises eased for companies that invest more in their business.

It will go up from 19 to 25 per cent for all major businesses next year — but not if they invest in growth generating new tech and jobs.


New prefab homes will get more families on the housing ladder

NEW prefab homes to get more families on housing ladder announced tomorrow.

Flat pack homes will be built to get good but cheap housing on to the market.

Extension of right to buy to housing association properties.


Eye-watering childcare costs will be slashed

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THE number of kids childminders and nurseries are allowed to look after will be raised and the qualification burden eased.

This will slash the eye-watering costs of childcare and help families battered by the inflation storm.