England’s parks, beaches and green spaces strewn with plastic bottles & litter after hottest day of the year


ENGLAND’S parks and beaches were strewn with litter this morning after people celebrated the hottest March day in 50 years yesterday.

Disgusting scenes showed plastic bottles, cans, plastic bags and BBQs left in parks and green spaces across the nation after record numbers of people came out to take advantage of the good weather.

A sea of litter was left strewn across Cannon Hill Park this morning

Plastic and glass bottles, happy crack gas canisters and BBQs were dumped on the grass in Birmingham

Disgarded rubbish on Brighton beach

Volunteers, council workers and West Yorks police help clean up rubbish left from yesterday, as hundreds of people congregated on Woodhouse Moor

HOAR's Show Some Bottle campaign has won backing from the world's biggest eco groups

The horrific scenes come after Brits celebrated a scorching day yesterday.

But people in parks across England didn’t bother to take most of their litter home with them, forcing others to clean up.

Earlier this week lockdown rules were eased in England, meaning people no longer have to stay at home.

Outdoor sport resumed once again with people flocking to golf courses, swimming pools and tennis courts.

The rule of six has now kicked in, and people can only meet a maximum of five others (or up to two households) outside for now.

The shocking pictures show the need for ministers to crack down on plastic blighting Britain.

HOAR is campaigning for ministers to introduce a deposit return scheme as soon as possible – to cut the number of plastic bottles ending up in the sea.

Ministers have vowed to introduce a scheme, but have dragged their feet.

A fresh consulation has been launched, with ministers hoping to make a decision over the summer.

Britain gets through 14billion plastic bottles every year – many of which only get used once.

Up to half of plastic packaging waste still isn’t recycled.

Thanks to us, a brilliant new initiative is being launched by SEA LIFE aquariums calling for everyone to take their bottles and plastic waste home instead of dumping them.

The Don’t Make Easter Rubbish plea was launched after HOAR showed photos of Britain’s beaches littered with plastic waste after a sunny weekend last summer.

We’ve also told of the plight of hundreds of seals who are maimed or killed by plastic we have thrown away.

Stacks of rubbish was left by careless locals who didn’t bother to take it home

Plastic bottles and cans were among the most common items

The rubbish filled several bags in the Yorkshire park

Primrose Hill in North London was no exception

A jogger passes the huge pile of littler left in the park today

Stacks of bins in Greenwich park were overflowing too