EU flag can no longer be flown in UK without government permission


THE European Union flag can no longer be flown in the UK without government permission.

Consent wasn’t previously required and the move will be seen as an “up yours” to Remain supporters.

Government permission is now required to fly the European flag in the UK

The Government’s website on guidance for “Flying flags: A Plain English guide” was quietly updated on July 20 to include the guidance.

It now states: “Following the UK’s departure from the European Union, the flag of the European Union is no longer included in the list of flags that do not require consent.”

The move is separate from instructions to councils which requires them to display EU flags as a condition for receiving high street Covid recovery cash from Brussels.

Virtually every authority in England is getting some of the £56million.

Leave-voting Birmingham, with over £1million, is the biggest recipient.

The Ministry of Housing, Communities and Local Government confirmed under new government rules no-one can fly the EU flag without permission.

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