Explosive Texts Reveal Civil Servants Slating Boris Johnson’s Covid Response


Top Mandarin's Private Criticism

Explosive texts have been revealed showing Britain's top mandarin, Simon Case, privately criticizing Boris Johnson's handling of the Covid pandemic. In a series of WhatsApp messages, Case expressed frustration, stating, "Government isn't actually that hard, but this guy is really making it impossible."

"Party Marty" Apologizes

Martin Reynolds, the ex-No10 aide who organized the controversial "bring your own booze" party, appeared at the Covid inquiry and expressed deep remorse for the event and the distress it caused grieving families. He admitted that pre-pandemic planning was grossly deficient and highlighted the chaos within Downing Street.

Despair at Boris Johnson

WhatsApp messages presented during the inquiry revealed Case and Reynolds' despair at Boris Johnson's early response to the coronavirus. Case, who is still in his position, expressed being "at the end of my tether" and suggested that the PM had a "let it rip" strategy. He strongly criticized Johnson's leadership and called for it to stop.

Dysfunctional Relationship

Reynolds also described the dysfunctional relationship between Boris Johnson and his former chief adviser Dominic Cummings. He stated that their agendas were not overlapping after the 2019 general election.