Failed leader Ed Miliband to help lead review into Labours disastrous election result


FORMER Labour leader Ed Miliband is to help lead a review into the partys disastrous election result.

After a crushing defeat against Boris Johnson, the inquest will look at why Jeremy Corbyns party fared so badly in an election that saw the red wall swept away.

Ed Miliband will help lead a review into the defeat

Set up by Labour Together, it hopes to find out what went wrong and map out a route back to power”.

It has now brought in Mr Miliband who got smashed by David Cameron in 2015, losing 25 seats.

The review will also be run by former shadow education secretary Lucy Powell, who made up the former leaders team in 2015.

Along with Birmingham Ladywood MP Shabana Mahmood, the will interview all of the 59 Labour MPs who lost their seats as Mr Johnson landed a stonking majority.

Jo Platt, who used to represent Leigh in Greater Manchester, is also taking part in the inquiry along with former economic adviser to John McDonnell, James Meadway.

Ms Powell promised a “real and meaningful look” at why the party had “fallen short” at four consecutive elections.

She said: We have lost the last four elections and we all have to accept that our offers to the country have been insufficient.

“This inquiry gives us the opportunity to listen to members, candidates and the public and I hope our whole movement takes it in the spirit it is offered and takes part.”

Labour sources reacted furiously to the appointments, questioning why serial losers were in charge.

One said: Perhaps Ed could explain why we lost in 2015 at the same time and Lucy could explain her role as his campaign manager.

Another source added: The arrogance of it. Who appointed them?

Ed and Lucy havent even addressed their own failings from 2015 and now they want to tell us what went wrong in 2019.