Freedom of movement from the EU will be impossible to end after Brexit, Jeremy Corbyn claims


OPEN border immigration from the EU will be impossible to end after Brexit, Jeremy Corbyn claimed today.

The Labour leader also revealed he WILL vote in a second referendum despite his pledge to stay neutral, but suggested he won’t tell the public which way he will cast his ballot.

Free movement can never come to an end, Jeremy Corbyn claimed today

He plans to negotiate a new much closer deal with Brussels, including staying in the Customs Union, which would be put up against staying in the bloc.

Mr Corbyn admitted that his agreement will include free movement despite Labour previously pledging it would be ditched after Brexit.

He told Sky: I don’t think free movement totally could ever come to an end because of the relationship between families, between Britain and Europe, the needs of all of our services.

Asked whether Leavers would feel betrayed by him, he replied: I don’t think they voted to have 40,000 nurse vacancies in Britain, I don’t think they voted to lose all those European doctors.

We have to recognise the rights of those many EU nationals that have made their homes here and made a fantastic contribution to our country and actually helped us run our health service.

At the moment all of that is under threat because of the uncertainty. Our whole process will bring uncertainty to an end.

Senior Tory Ben Bradley fumed: This is yet another broken promise from Corbyn, showing you cant trust a word he says.

He used to promise freedom of movement would end, but now Labour wants uncontrolled and unlimited immigration, which would put more pressure on our public services.

Mr Corbyn said he wants to bring people together by negotiating a new deal with Brussels that protects manufacturing, industry, trade and jobs.

But asked whether he would vote for his own agreement in a second referendum or back remaining in the EU, he would only say: Youll have to wait and see.