Fresh Controversy for Sir Keir Starmer as Labour Member Accuses Alexei Navalny of Nazi Sympathies


Accusations Against Navalny

Sir Keir Starmer finds himself in hot water as a senior Labour member, Mish Rahman, accuses Alexei Navalny of being a "Nazi sympathiser." Rahman pointed to a 2007 video where Navalny compared Muslims in Chechnya to "cockroaches," labeling him as a "far right racist."

Criticism of Starmer

Rahman criticized Sir Keir for praising Navalny's "courage" following his death in a Russian prison, stating, "Ignoring the fact that Navalny was a far right Nazi sympathiser, Starmer's ignorance has no bounds."

Response and Reaction

Tory MP Bob Seely weighed in, suggesting that these accusations show that the Labour Party may not have changed, with senior activists attacking pro-Western democrats instead of adversaries. Despite the controversy, Rahman's comments are not expected to result in disciplinary action.

Labour's Stance

Labour has recently suspended two parliamentary candidates over anti-Israel comments, adding to the party's current challenges.