Furious ministers accuse civil servants of co-ordinated attempt to oust Priti Patel


ANGRY ministers have accused senior civil servants of campaigning to topple Priti Patel.

The Home Secretary has faced damaging leaks from within her department since landing the job.

Furious ministers have accused civil servants of trying to oust Priti Patel

Anonymous officials allege she has belittled staff, made unreasonable demands and created an atmosphere of fear.

But colleagues blame the leaks on Leftie staff opposed to her crime and immigration blitzes and say other Home Secretaries have faced the same treatment, but never as personal or intense.

A Cabinet source said: Were seeing a co-ordinated attempt to bring Priti down, all from within the Home Office a department renowned for its leaks.

It always blames ministers for its blunders. Whats new here are the attempts to discredit her when things are going well.

A minister said: Its bewildering that the week she launches a popular new immigration system, her own department is attacking her from left field. It stinks.

Former Home Secretary Amber Rudd claimed she was leaked against, notably during the Windrush scandal which forced her to resign.

A Whitehall probe exonerated her and blamed senior Home Office figures.

Sir Philip Rutnam, then as now Ms Patels top mandarin with whom she has had a falling out, emailed staff regretting the reports publication.

He praised their handling of Windrush.