Game of Thrones cast write to Penny Mordaunt to praise her “nice sword work” after she dazzled the world at Coronation


THE CAST of Game of Thrones cast have written to Penny Mordaunt to hail her “nice sword work” at the Coronation.

The senior Cabinet minister has also been inundated with toy swords and lightsabers after her star turn at King Charles’ crowning. 

Penny Mordaunt carrying the sword of state

Penny became a global hit after carrying the sword of state – which is 4 foot long and weighs 8 pounds – perfectly upright during the 2-hour Coronation.

Wearing a specially embroidered teal dress, cape and headpiece while carrying the cold encrusted weapon, Penny became a global star and meme within minutes.

Among her newfound army of fans are members of the cast from the hit TV series.

One Westminster insider said: “Penny has been flooded with fan mail and letters from all over the world after her performance at the Coronation – including from people at Game of Thrones.

“It is incredible how the world has really taken to the moment. The Coronation was an incredible spectacle.”

Game of Thrones – set in a magical world with dragons – is all about political scheming and bloodthirsty plots between rival dynasties 

So perhaps it is fitting that its cast praised Penny’s effords.

Ms Morduant ran for Tory leader and PM last year – but was beaten by Liz Truss. 

She tried again a few months later after Liz Truss quit No10 after just six weeks, but ended up pulling out of the contest.

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