Getting just one grade higher in your GCSEs can boost your earnings by £200,000, research finds


GETTING just one grade higher in your GCSEs can send your earnings rocketing by £200,000, new research reveals.

After studying 2million kids over 15 years, they found that maths, triple science and design technology got the biggest gains, the Government study found.

Getting just one grade higher in each of your GCSEs sends career earnings rocketing by £200,000, research shows

For the first time ever, a link has been established between what grades teenagers get in their exams, and lifetime earnings.

Those who got a grade up in nine subjects could result in a whopping £207,000 extra earnings in their career, compared to their counterparts.

Receiving just one extra grade works out at an average of £23,000 extra in a lifetime.

Boys receive more of a boost than girls when they ramp up their grades, the research found.

School Standards Minister Nick Gibb said last night: “We are taught from a young age to do well at school to better our life chances, and today we see tangible, robust evidence to support this.

“GCSEs equip young people with the knowledge and skills they need to succeed and this data shows how small improvements to grades can have a huge overall impact on people’s lives.”

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