Grant Shapps reveals his dad, 89, is fighting for his life on Covid ward and he hasn’t heard from him for two days


GRANT Shapps has revealed that his dad is fighting for his life on a coronavirus ward.

The Transport Secretary said that his 89-year-old father caught Covid while in hospital – and he hasn’t been able to contact him for two days.

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Grant Shapps revealed this morning that his 89-year-old father is fighting for his life on a Covid ward

Mr Shapps told Good Morning Britain: “My own father is on a Covid ward right now and has been for some time.

“We’ve not been able to visit my dad for two months now.

“It is very difficult.”

The Transport Secretary also revealed that his father was moved from a larger Covid ward to a smaller one – meaning that the intake of patients is decreasing.

But he reiterated that Britain isn’t out of the pandemic yet – and that the deadly bug is still rifer than it was during the first peak.

He added that his own family struggle with coronavirus has reiterated why it is necessary for everyone to adhere to the rules.

Mr Shapps continued: “Coronavirus gets anybody. It got my dad. It’s not the reason he went to hospital originally but unfortunately, he did pick it up.

“We’re all very worried.”

While he is part of Government decision-making operations, Mr Shapps said the fact he is personally involved does weigh on his mind.


And despite his 89-year-old dad being “techy,” the Transport Secretary revealed that he hasn’t been able to contact him for the last few days.

He paid tribute to NHS workers’ extraordinary dedication and patience – especially when working with patients who are distressed, as his father has been.

This comes days before England’s borders tighten and quarantine hotels come into force for travellers arriving from ‘red list’ countries.

Brits will be slapped with a fine of up to £10,000 if they escape the hotel quarantine before their isolation period is up.

And people could face JAIL if they lie about their holiday destination.

Matt Hancock made the stern announcement yesterday to ensure international arrivals stick to the rules as the Government attempts to prevent mutant strains of Covid entering the UK.

Covid deaths in the UK have risen by 1,052 as Matt Hancock revealed daily cases dropped by 47% in a fortnight.

A further 12,364 new infections were reported yesterday – bringing the total number to 3,972,148.

Yesterday’s daily death toll means the total number of Covid victims now stands at 113,850.

The daily toll is 27% lower than last week when 1,449 deaths were recorded.

The number of cases has also fallen by 26% after last week saw 16,840 new infections recorded.

Mr Shapps spoke about his father’s struggle on Good Morning Britain today