Group equating fear of men to racism under fire


Outrageous comparison

A group aiming to combat hate crimes has come under scrutiny for comparing women who fear men behind them to racists, sparking outrage and disbelief.

Controversial training session

During a recent session held by Uniting Staffordshire Against Hate at the county police headquarters, trainers reportedly equated women's fear of men approaching them at night to unconscious bias, similar to a white person avoiding a black individual.

Backlash from lawmakers

Labour MP Rosie Duffield criticized the training, labeling it as "outrageous nonsense" and warning against dismissing women's instincts, especially in potentially dangerous situations. She vehemently disagreed with comparing such fears to racism.

Concerns raised

The training session's controversial remarks surfaced shortly after the release of a damning report on the tragic murder of Sarah Everard by former police officer Wayne Couzens, reigniting discussions on safety and fear among women.

Call for review

Following the backlash, Staffordshire police stated that they would review the content and discussions from the training session in question, acknowledging the concerns raised by the public.

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